Integrity is Everything
Donna Donato-Svinos

Integrity is Everything


Maintain or revamp your home’s curb appeal

Your front yard is your home’s first impression, so make sure that it’s welcoming. Don’t let your lawn and flowerbeds suffer in the summer heat; keep all your plants well hydrated and mulched. Keep the grass trimmed by mowing as much as needed. Replant any unsightly brown spots and plant colorful seasonal flowers. And if your home’s façade is looking a little faded, give it a fresh coat of paint and perhaps spruce up your front porch or walkways.

Freshen up outdoor spaces

Pools can be huge selling points during the sweltering summer months, so if you have one, play it up by making sure the water is crystal clear and there is no debris floating on top. If your home has a patio, deck or outdoor kitchen, keep it clean and make any necessary repairs. These projects can be completed inexpensively and may make a much larger difference in the perceived value of your home.

Keep the inside cool and inviting

During the summer months, some people may spend more time inside to avoid the heat. Use this to your advantage during your open house by making your home extremely comfortable.

Houses can become hot and stuffy this time of year, so it is important to keep the air conditioning running. Just be careful with the temperature; you’ll want to make sure it’s not so cold that potential buyers will be searching for their sweaters, but cool enough that they won’t want to head back out into the heat.

Make sure to greet potential buyers the way you would guests and provide refreshing drinks. During the hot summer days, bring out a cold pitcher of lemonade or a cooler full of bottled water for would-be buyers. Embracing the season and spending a few extra dollars can help you stand out among the other houses for sale. It also can help potential buyers form a happy mental picture of spending the summer in this home and perhaps increase the dollar amount of potential offers.

Following these tips will help you take advantage of a hot market and make sure summertime is the right time for selling your home.

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